Starting from ancient natural sources is how at Domingue we prefer to integrate colour into unique projects of leading architects and interior designers. We allow them to create a flow between interior and environment on the basis of natural elements in the landscape.

Our strength is that we can create any colour an interior designer is after and can replicate the same bespoke hue across our entire range, ensuring a sophisticated and balanced design.
The Colour Lab.
Our colour knowledge is both scientific and human. Specialists at our lab in Waregem, Belgium have all required technology to create colours, but above all also have their eyes and different light conditions to modify the last details of any colour formulation.
(photos of the lab above ) Eline
A color doesn't have to be always bespoke or site-specific. With a wide range of minerals, in tiny particles of course, Domingue has created color series that are unprecedented in breath and depth. That are subtle, rich and natural. Inspired by places, materials and elements from nature.